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Say hello to your new smile!

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Comparing Invisible Braces

Our Vision

Smile more!

We want you to be confident and to smile more. Our mission is to make it affordable and convenient to give you the new smile you always wanted.

About Smileneo

Say hello to your new smile!

Smileneo gives licensed doctors in the UAE the opportunity to promote their Invisible Braces treatment online. These doctors leverage 3D technology to provide you high quality Invisible Braces produced in the UAE to straighten your teeth.

We all believe that high-quality orthodontics should be affordable and convenient.

The founders of Smileneo are startup veterans with experience across ecommerce, tech and finance in regions such as Europe, Africa and Asia. We are headquartered in Dubai, UAE and support clinics promoting affordable Invisible Braces treatments.

Comparing Invisible Braces

Convenient and affordable

Invisible Braces


One time payment or monthly installments - fixed price AED 6,900


Treatment remotely monitored by your doctor via mobile App


End-to-end 3D technology and Invisible Braces made in UAE


Treatment start 1 week after approval - new smile in 3-6 months

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