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Invisible Braces
6,900 AED

Metal Braces
15,000 AED

Other Aligners
20,000 AED

one-time or monthly Payment

Complete treatment at AED 6,900 or 985/month

Invisible Braces come at a fixed price of AED 6,900. Pay at once or in 0% monthly installments starting at AED 985/month.

Convenient and affordable

Invisible Braces


One time payment or monthly installments - fixed price AED 6,900


Treatment remotely monitored by your doctor via mobile App


End-to-end 3D technology and Invisible Braces made in UAE


Treatment start 1 week after approval - new smile in 3-6 months

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Your treatment is planned and monitored by doctors. They use 3D technology from the scan at their clinic, to the production at a licensed lab in the UAE. Get the best doctor care for your teeth.

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Straight teeth in 6 months with Invisible Braces

Wearing Invisible Braces is the best and fastest way to straighten teeth. The Invisible teeth Braces treatment price is at an affordable price of 6,900 AED - this is 70% lower than other teeth straightening options. Teeth aligners are the most convenient way to get straight teeth in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other areas in the UAE.

Straighten your teeth conveniently without braces

The board-certified orthodontists at licensed clinics that Smileneo refers you to straighten teeth with several sets of transparent braces that are not visible at all unlike metal braces. These invisible teeth aligners are very safe, custom-designed for each user, using 3D intra-oral technology to create Invisible Teeth Braces with complete precision. Invisible Teeth Aligners treatment takes 6 months on average, with no recurring and costly visits to the dentist. The invisible teeth aligners are convenient, certified and the teeth braces cost is at a fixed price of 6,900 AED, without any hidden charges.

  1. Register online: You should first take the free online pre-assessment to see if you qualify for the Invisible Braces treatment. Licensed orthodontists will review your case and send you the results within 24 hours via email.
  2. Dentist consultation and 3D scanning: Once you qualify,  you will set-up an appointment at one of the licensed clinics where you’ll have your 3D scanning and dentist consultation. The consultation includes a 3D intraoral scan, an x-ray, a physical assessment and professionally taken pictures of your teeth. The 3D intraoral scan with the best technology will enable us to make a 3D model of your teeth so we can design the treatment plan with complete precision.
  3. You receive your Smileneo Invisible Braces: Licensed orthodontists from licensed clinics will then work on your teeth straightening invisible braces treatment plan and share your smile simulation with you. Once you approve, your invisible braces will be produced and handed over to you all at once.
  4. Say hello to your new smile: You then start your teeth straightening journey. To perfectly straighten your teeth, wear your invisible braces 22 hours a day. Move to the next set of braces every 1-2 weeks. It will take you 6 months to get straight teeth, with Invisible Braces.

Invisible braces vs metal braces for teeth straightening

Invisible Braces are ideal for teeth straightening for several reasons:

  • Invisible Braces cost less. Invisible braces are a lot cheaper than metal braces, the price is 70% less than metal braces on average.
  • Invisible braces are also a lot more convenient to straighten teeth as they are a lot faster - they straighten teeth in 6 months as opposed to 2 years taken by metal braces. Invisible Braces also don’t require recurring and time consuming in-person visits to the dentist.
  • Invisible braces are ideal for adults who want to straighten their teeth as they can keep their smile journey discreet. Unlike metal braces where you have a mouth full of metal.  

Questions? We've got the answers.

How can I straighten my teeth without going to the dentist?

Your should not straighten your teeth without an orthodontist defining your treatment plan. After you started your Invisible Braces treatment, Smileneo offer remote monitoring via their mobile application. There are no dentist visits during the treatment required.

How much does teeth straightening cost?

You can straighten your teeth with Invisible Braces for 6,900 AED. Smileneo offers Invisible Braces in the UAE and straightens your teeth within 3-6 months. The treatment is remotely monitored via mobile application. No recurring and expensive clinic visits.

What is the cheapest way to straighten teeth?

Invisible Braces are the cheapest way to straighten teeth. You can straighten your teeth with Invisible Braces for 6,900 AED for example from Smileneo. This includes the physical assessment (Doctor Consultation) and the actual Invisible Braces. Metal braces and other aligner solutions are more expensive.

Can you straighten your teeth without braces?

Yes, you can straighten your teeth with Invisible Braces instead of traditional metal braces. Invisible braces are custom-made based on a 3D treatment plan defined by an orthodontist. The treatment is done with a set of multiple braces. Over the course of the treatment you wear each Invisible Brace for 7 days at least 22 hours a day. The Invisible Braces are making slight adjustments to your teeth. With Smileneo you can straighten your teeth in 3-6 months.